we’ve made a big signing!"WhiteFanposts FanpostsFa

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we’ve made a big signing!"WhiteFanposts FanpostsFa

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As the weekend gets underway http://www.rockiesfanproshop.com/authentic-chad-bettis-jersey , the White Sox (and all of baseball) are suffering from a case of frozen wallets — but nshotsSections AnalysisGame RecapsGamethreadsMinorsOffbeatFull ArchiveExclusives South Side Sox Hall of FameCard of the MonthDeep DiveDigitsFlashbackFranchise FactsKnow Your EnemyMost Essential White SoxRace to the BottomSix Pack of StatsSouth Side SnapSouth Side StumperSSS Literary SupplementSuper Stats PackThe Game I’ll Never ForgetTwitterpatingUnder the RadarView From the Other SideWhite Sox on SB Nation HomeStoriesScheduleRosterStatsWhite Sox on Yahoo! HomeDepth ChartTransactionsMasthead MastheadMeet the Players!Links White Sox Web LinksSouth Side Sox standardsCommunity GuidelinesOdds Shop StubHuboxFest: cold openNew,2commentsAs the weekend gets underway, the White Sox (and all of baseball) are suffering from a case of frozen wallets — but we’ve made a big signing!CSTShareTweetShareShareSoxFest: cold openIf a free agent falls in the forest ... Ricky Renteria gonna get all kinds of Manny Machado questions this weekend.Daniel Clark-USA TODAY SportsOn a cold and hazardous January day, with offseason inactivity threatening to devour us whole, comes ... SoxFest!Unfortunately, the dark, Yonder Alonso-related, Jon Jay-befriended cloud hanging over the proceedings all weekend will be: What Would Manny Machado Do? Or, more generally, what the hell has happened to baseball’s free market system?Thankfully, there will lines for autographs, Hall-of-Famers on stage, plenty of post-fest beer, and all that other stuff that makes a weekend like this so much fun — and so essential as the wind chill plummets.And not to gloat, but South Side Sox has snagged a plum free agent of our own!That’s right, just as South Side Sox might have been frozen out of SoxFest, a Cat crossed our path.It’s a serious coup to have a writer with Cat’s credentials (The Athletic, MLB, Sun-Times, La Vida Baseball Kyle Freeland Jersey , FanGraphs, Baseball Prospectus) hopping on for not just SoxFest proceedings, but into the regular season.The bum rush of our big free agent signing right before SoxFest prevents a more significant bio, yet — Cat hopping on comes as enough of a surprise that a fuller bio would have been riddled with typos and inaccuracies, as if the White Sox suddenly signed a shocker, like Aaron Judge — but for now, please offer a warm welcome to someone we should all be proud to have sit on our masthead.You can check any of Cat’s tweets from SoxFest @TheBaseballGirl, and read her coverage of SoxFest here all weekend.Meanwhile, here’s the full SoxFest details, for those of you going in cold. Or for those perhaps a touch warmer, but jealous to miss the festivities, a teaser:If you’re going to SoxFest, please check in with all of us in the comments below.Welcome, Cat!(And sorry to upstage you with our big signing, White Sox.) The results are in..."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Diamondbacks Farm TeamsGameday ThreadsDiamondbacks NewsDiamondbacks Game ReportsFang FoodRanking the 2019 Arizona Diamondbacks rotationNew,9commentsThe results are in...ESTShareTweetShareShareRanking the 2019 Arizona Diamondbacks rotationRick Scuteri-USA TODAY SportsThanks to the 146 of you who took the time to rank the fourteen candidates for starting pitching currently at Salt River Fields (or, more likely today, currently staring out the window at Salt River Fields, wishing the rain would stop). As mentioned in the original piece, the rotations seems like the area of the team where least seems likely to be decided going into spring training. The bench and the bullpen definitely appear to have some scope for competition http://www.rockiesfanproshop.com/authentic-chad-bettis-jersey , but the five who’ll form the Opening Day rotation appear all but decided. However, history has shown us we may well need to dip into the pitching depth before the end of March, so it’s very much more than the top five spots which matter.Let’s start with those though. Here are the pitchers, in descending order of average ranks.The Opening Day rotation1.2 - Zack Greinke2.2 - Robbie Ray3.7 - Zack Godley4.8 - Luke Weaver5.8 - Merrill KellyNo surprises about the names found here, or the gap between the 1-2 punch of Greinke and Ray, and the rest of the likely starters. I was a little surprised the gap between Zack and Robbie was not narrower. Greinke will be a year older, and if Ray can put it all together... But I guess actual performance in 2018 trumps potential. The rest of the rotation have question-marks too. Godley had his share of control issues and was consistently inconsistent. Weaver has upside, yet the results definitely regressed between 2017 and 2018. And Kelly has never faced major-league pitching. At 30, will be far and away the oldest starting pitcher to debut for AZ (the current record is Geraldo Guzman, 27 when he first appeared in 2000). Those in wait6.3 - Taijuan Walker7.7 - Jon Duplantier8.3 - Matt Koch9.0 - Taylor Clarke9.5 - Taylor WidenerAs previously discussed, the team has averaged using about ten starters a season, with the ones outside the top five typically making about 30 starts per year. So it would be no surprise to see the majority, or even all, of this group at some point. Walker, obviously, will be delayed due to his Tommy John recovery. If we use Patrick Corbin’s rehab as a guide, we should probably expect Walker to return around late July. It’s almost certain the D-backs will need someone - and more likely, someoneS - before that point. The rest of the group are largely the leading prospects in our farm system, and are quite closely grouped, only 1.8 covering slots #7-10. 2019 may well be the year we get our first idea of what we have there.The depths of the rotation10.6 - Ryan Atkinson11.1 - Rickie Nolasco12.3 - Troy Scribner12.6 - Joel PayampsFinally Ryan McMahon Jersey , we have a combination of what might (cruelly) be called the has-beens and the yet-to-bes. Not sure what category Scribner falls into, considering his rookie status is still intact for 2019! Maybe Nolasco will be this year’s version of Clay Buchholz? We’ll see how that works out, but based on the results here, SnakePitters still need to be convinced. Atkinson and Payamps are both more “future endeavors,” whose presence in camp this spring is probably more about letting them learn from their seniors. They’ll probably be a bigger part of this poll in future years. But if any of this group end up starting for the Diamondbacks this season, it probably means something has gone off the road, higher up the list. Actual pitchers pollIn the previous categories, this has been the place where I ask you to tell me which players will make the Opening Day roster. But when it comes to starting pitching, this seems all but decided, barring health issues, and so would make for a rather boring poll. Therefore, instead we have another ranking poll. With the same 14 names, you are to rank them in order of actual innings pitched for the 2019 D-backs. This may be starts or bullpen work, which could potentially give some of them a leg-up (hello, Mr. Koch). But you’ll also need to factor in health, roster status, etc. Take the pollPoll closes Friday night, results will show up on Saturday.

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