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Total Fit Keto Contraindications, side effects Contraindications in "Novopan number 1" is not much. These include: pregnancy; breastfeeding period; individual intolerance to the components. Add something else to this list. But some side effects are available. These include bloating and increased flatulence. "Novopan №1" for weight loss: reviews Bada for weight loss Find unpaid reviews of the drug "Novopan number 1" is very difficult. In most cases, these are stories about the magical properties of venison, naturalness, and that chemistry is bad. What do we write to consumers in the reviews of "Novopan number 1" for weight loss? First of all, people report that, by adhering to the nutrition system recommended by the manufacturer, one can really lose weight. This is due to the reduction in caloric intake of the daily diet. Simply put, the patient begins to eat less.

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