kids speaking book suppliers

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kids speaking book suppliers

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Special Talking Pen With Braille OID Sound Books Children Learning Machine Best Gift For Visual Impairment Kids
Braille printed children speaking for blind and impaired groups.
Real touch and feel, listen and read
The simple operation and features for the speaking pen and speaking books:
1. Touch and read out
2. Repeating
3. Volume+ and volume-
4. Download with our special software to update the data inside the pen
Your own braille printed books are accepted, you just provide the designs, we will do the technique support and make your book speaking out.
Different sound pens for your option: color and silk print can be customized
Different sound pens for your option: color and silk print can be customized
Q: What is the advantage of your book?
A: Vivid picture and story will attract the kids' attention on study. Sweet music and chant will make learning easier. DIY step can motivate kids’ infinite imagination. Game will link kids with family together and kids can gain more fun, knowledge and kinship from it.
Q: What is the advantage of your pen?
A: Our pen is portable, safe and simple to use for kids. It is standard pronunciation and real-man recording. Good speaker quality is no any harm for kids’ ears. We use the eco-friendly materials for the talking pen and it is crushproof. Parents won't worry about kids' English anymore; the talking pen will be your great helper.
Q: Can the talking pen read all books?
A: No, there is the special technology for the talking pen and books. The pen must work with corresponding books, but one pen can work with hundreds of books depend on the storage inside the pen.
Q: Can we use our own pen designs?
A: Yes, we can design the pen based on your own design, then make the new moduel. If you have done the design, we will provide the sizes requirement for each part, and you send back us the 3D design file. We will arrange the moduel making.
OEM ODM both accepted for the children learning pen and book.
First plan(clients have their own books):
The work should done by clients:
1.The electronic book design file(the one used for printing) We can award a contract to guarantee the copyright of your books.)
2.The voice of the books
3.Tell us how the voice match the books. For example:
Second plan(clients make the data and print by themselves with their own books ):
The work should done by clients:
1.Coding the books
2.Cut and edit the voice file for smart parts.
3.Combine a data for the talking pen. (We will provide the software and training. It is very simple and usually spend 1-2 days.)
4.Printing. (We will send the printing instructions.)
Third plan(use our books):
1.The function, the cover/ back cover, the logo all can be customized.
2. Change the language:
We can provide a script of our book contents. The clients only need to record the voice to match the content of the script one by one. After this work the pen can voice the language as clients customized.
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