that one day her husband and sister would get killed

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that one day her husband and sister would get killed

Postby jinpanlin520 » Fri Jan 11, 2019 7:10 am

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DAMASCUS, Sept. 1 (Xinhua) -- It has never occurred to Maha, a woman in her early 30s, that one day her husband and sister would get killed and she would have to marry her brother-in-law and raise four kids.

Maha's sister and husband were killed during the battles that has raged in the town of Daraya since 2012.

Since each of them had died leaving two kids behind, Maha and her brother-in-law decided to get married to raise the four kids together.

Still, her little dream of having her new husband by her side doesn't come true due to the war that has raged in Daraya, west of the capital Damascus.

Under a long-awaited deal concluded last week, the rebels in Daraya were allowed to evacuate to their stronghold of Idlib, a northwestern province in Syria. The civilians were allowed to leave for government-controlled shelters in the town of Hirjalleh, south of Damascus.

The deal allows the Syrian army to reassume control over Daraya, a main rebel stronghold on the western rim of Damascus.

However, Maha, with the four kids, was evacuted to Hirjalleh, while her husband ended up in Idlib with rebels.

The war-weary woman said the life in the new camp is completely different, or somewhat better, but that doesn't resonate with her, because her husband is away.

"We had lived under siege and suffered a lot from the malnutrition and lack of medicine. We used to stay indoors, out of fear of battles. The children suffered a lot, and we all suffered, particularly from the shelling, which had intensified in the last period," Maha told Xinhua.

Watching the four kids playing in the mud in front of their new dwelling, Maha couldn't hide her uneasiness about her new life, with the absence of her husband.

"My husband didn't come here, as he was among those who were evacuated to Idlib province. The food and the life here in the displacement shelter is different, in a good way, but we are not relaxed, and we are living nervously here, because my husband is not with us, and I feel I am going to be everything for the kids now."

Bara, the six-year-old son of her late sister, was playing in the mud, trying to shape some candy sticks.

Despite his tender age, the boy seems to have understood war, as he was born when the conflict in Syria broke out over five years ago.

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