He said all stakeholders must find common ground

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He said all stakeholders must find common ground

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PRETORIA, March 24 (Xinhua) -- Various stakeholders attending the two-day National Skills Conference in Pretoria resolved to accelerate skills development to improve the performance of various sectors in South Africa.

The conference started on Thursday and ended on Friday. It was attended by government, labor, experts, business, universities and training authorities. The conference was intended to strengthen skills in the country and have a framework to do that.

The National Skills Authority (NSA) director, Thabo Mashongoane told Xinhua that the conference addressed various issues that were speaking to the integrated and differentiated Post-School Education and Training System.

He said, "The conference was to take stock of how far we have come and the issues which needs to be tackled. We also discussed how best we can fast track the mechanism for skills development and develop a framework to help us realize our goals."

Mashongoane said many graduates are leaving universities and colleges not equipped with necessary skills which make them productive and employable. The country is also targeting the unemployed to have necessary foundation skills to enter the market including those in the rural areas. They are also trying to bridge the gap by ensuring that graduates walk out of the universities, colleges and vocational training centers ready to work and development the country.

Mashongoane said, "We want to push and skill the unemployed and bridge the gap. The skills will be determined by demand and supply related to even he informal sector to enable the people to open and run successful businesses."

He also said they will continue meeting as different sectors to identify and find solution to address critical skill shortages. The business will meet on their own sector, the same as labor including provincial governments to solve the skills shortage.

The Deputy President and Chairperson of the Human Resource Development Council of South Africa (HRDCSA), Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the conference and called for skills revolution.

He said all stakeholders must find common ground in resolving skills shortages to have economic growth. He said, "Industry needs to ensure that what is taught is relevant to deliver quality education. It is about the skills and capabilities that will enable our young people to be active participants and not bystanders or spectators."

Ramaphosa said the skills should address the legacy of Apartheid and reduce poverty and unemployment. During the Apartheid era only whites were taught critical skills while blacks were taught inferior Bantu Education.

Experts have said the critical skills are limiting the country's potential to grow its sectors and economy. According to the National Development Plan, by 2030 the county must have about 6 percent unemployment which is currently at 25 percent. Enditem

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