China PVC sheet & board making machine suppliers

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China PVC sheet & board making machine suppliers

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PVC +ABS/HIPS/PMMA transparent sheet /Board Production Line

PVC transparent soft / hard film extrusion production line
PVC extrusion transparent hard film production line
PVC extruded transparent sheet with flame retardant self-extinguishing, high quality cheap, good transparency, good surface gloss, crystal point less, watermark small, strong impact resistance and easy molding and other characteristics, widely used: all kinds of tools, toys , Electronics, food, medicine, clothing and other industries blister, folding boxes, packaging and so on.
PVC extrusion transparent film production line
PVC transparent soft board, soft curtain, is a traditional cotton curtain replacement. This product has the characteristics of soft, transparent, safe, safe, green, environmental protection, acid and alkali, no smell, easy to clean and so on. It can cool, keep heat, energy saving, dustproof, windproof, moisturizing, anti-corrosion, fireproof, anti-static Protection, textile, electronics, instrumentation, pharmaceuticals, warehousing, shopping malls and other places. It can be used for freezing, food, printing, textile, electronics, instrumentation, pharmaceutical, warehousing, shopping malls and other places. On the live workplace insulation, harmful arc interrupts, have played a very good effect.

1. Origin and brand of electric appliances of SKY WIN series
1) Main motor: Siemens Beide
2) Contactor: Siemens or Schneider
3) Power supply switch: Sienmens or Schneider
4) Inter mediate relay: Siemens or Schneider
5) Temperature Controller: Japanese RKC
6) Frequency converter made: TECO
2. Auxiliary machines
(1) Shaping machine
(2) Cutting machine
Saw cutting direction: from down to up,
Air engine cylinder: Airtac,
Appearance decorative: spray coating for out doors wpc decking
(3) Stacker for finished products
A. Unload mode: by air engine
B. Material of surface board for unloading: stainless steel

Technical data
Item modelExtruderPlate Thickness
(mm)Plate Width
(mm)Motor Power(KE)Output

Production line at site and finished product
China PVC sheet & board making machine suppliers

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