When I was touched, there were a lot o

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When I was touched, there were a lot o

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When I was touched, there were a lot of things that moved me Marlboro Red, but only one thing was deeply engraved in my mind Marlboro Lights, even though it was a small thing. was a noon of the summer day, and the sultry air was mixed with a pleasing symphony, which rendered the rhythm of the summer. I walked to my friend's house with an umbrella.en I got to a friend's house, I was almost too hot to breathe. At this time, she said: "Let's go to the ommunications garden!" "Well," said, we went out together.ecommunications is very close to her home, only across the road and several shops. So it will be a few minutes. There, we saw two swings, and each of them sat one and swayed. I don't know how long it has been, I don't know what time it is, I only know that someone is coming, they seem to have to play, so we gave them. a few minutes, I suddenly felt dizzy and my eyes were a little blurred. She seemed to see that I had any discomfort and said, "Go back?" I licked my mouth and answered her with a mosquito-like voice: "Go back." She helped me and said to the few people who just said: " We are gone." She held me and left. But before I got out of the door of the telecom garden, I felt that my head was dizzy and my feet were soft and I was lying on the ground. When she saw me like this, she said nervously: "Go to the hospital!" I tried to say: "Forget it! I will be right soon." In order not to worry her, I barely walked out of the door of the telecommunications garden, but again collapsed. She ran over and worried: "I still have nothing to say! It has been poured twice." Then she planned to carry me back. I met, just don't want her to recite me: "I'm fine, really, you see!" I deliberately ran. "It's not far from your home! Come right away." I ran and encouraged myself to fight Cigarette Online. Jin: Come on! It��s coming soon!this moment, I suddenly felt that my legs were soft and my eyes were black and fell in the middle of the road. After that, I seem to see the expression of my friend's worry, but that kind of expression is the driving force, the kind of motivation is persisting, and the persistence makes me feel that my body and mind are full of vitality. Yes! Just as the spirit that the teacher told us in class can overcome the pain of the flesh, the fleshstarted trying to get up, but it fell again, so I got up and fell down... My physical strength has almost reached a negative number, until one hand held me, I looked at her gratefully Newport Cigarettes, and closed again. The eyes.r crossing the road, I felt that there was something to hold me up Carton Of Cigarettes. I opened my eyes as much as possible and found that she was carrying me. At this time, I could not resist. It��s only the embarrassment that is the big sweat on her face. Is it hot? still is she got to her house, she got a little better after drinking a glass of water. She told me that my lips were white, not white, and she was scared to death. I especially cherish this friendship. Because I know that I can extend a pair of aids when I am in danger and difficulty.

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