The Miami Dolphins‘ run defense is stuck

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The Miami Dolphins‘ run defense is stuck

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MIAMI GARDENS Miami Dolphins Jerseys Stitched , Fla. (AP) — in reverse, perhaps taking the season with it.Poor tackling, botched assignments and a manhandling up front doomed the Dolphins on Sunday, when the Detroit Lions ran for 248 yards to win 32-21.It was Detroit’s biggest total in 21 years, and the second bad game in a row for the Dolphins’ run defense. They allowed 164 yards rushing a week earlier but still somehow managed to beat the Chicago Bears in overtime.“We have a lot of work to do,” defensive end Cameron Wake said. “I’m not panicking yet.”Lions rookie Kerryon Johnson rushed for 158 yards on 19 carries, including a 71-yard draw play where he was untouched until tackled. LeGarrette Blount added 50 yards on 10 carries, and both repeatedly broke tackles as the Lions averaged 7.1 per rush.“Johnson, LeGarrette, they’re big backs,” Miami defensive tackle Akeem Spence said. “With those guys, you have to tackle in committee. One guy can’t bring them down. You need two, three guys. That’s on the defense. We just have to be better.”With the loss, the Dolphins (4-3) fell out of first place in the AFC East. Linebacker Raekwon McMillan acknowledged they played on their heels.“We fell back on our attack-type mentality,” he said.That meant the front seven was dominated, with the line surge so tepid Miami had not one tackle for a loss.The issue extended beyond running plays. Matt Stafford had plenty of time to throw and went 18 for 22 for 217 yards and two scores, with just one sack.“We couldn’t stop them,” Miami coach Adam Gase said. “That’s just what it was. They were executing better than us, and we just didn’t do enough to affect the quarterback. It didn’t seem like he got out of rhythm.“That was really the No. 1 thing we were talking about all week. That guy, if you give him time and he doesn’t feel the pressure up front and we’re not tight enough in coverage, you’re going to have problems.”The Lions scored on seven of nine possessions. They punted once and ran out the clock once.And they sustained drives while converting only twice on third down. The Lions gobbled up yards in such large chunks they earned 21 first downs on first- and second-down plays.“I’m pretty sure there weren’t too many third-and-longs out there,” Wake said.Miami’s performance was reminiscent of a loss last November at Carolina, when the Panthers racked up 294 yards rushing. The Dolphins won only two more games the rest of the season.In this instance, solutions need to come quickly. The Dolphins play Thursday at the Houston Texans (4-3), who earned their fourth consecutive victory Sunday by winning at Jacksonville.“Usually I say you’ve got about 24 hours to pat yourself on the back or lick your wounds,” Wake said. “Now you’ve got about 30 minutes.” Every year, the NFL Draft has a prospect that many view to be polarizing.In 2018, everyone wanted Lamar Jackson to convert to wide receiver.“He couldn’t play in the NFL” some people would say.It was absurd Christian Wilkins black jersey , to say the least.And Laremy Tunsil was the guy in 2016, that fell mercifully into the Dolphins’ lap.He was as polarizing as any prospect, when his last-minute video went viral.The guy that creates a lot of buzz in this year’s draft, is 5’10 Heisman Trophy winner, Kyler Murray.Murray is a unique talent, that posses an NFL arm, above-average accuracy, and a cannon.His ability to make plays on the ground, are an added bonus.As a one-year starter at Oklahoma, Murray led the Sooners to a 12-2 record.During the 2018 season, Murray threw for 4,361 yards, 42 touchdowns and 7 interceptions.He added another 1,001 yards and 12 touchdowns on the ground.Those numbers were enough to push him over Dwayne Haskins and Tua Tagovailoa.He’s that good.And then there’s the idea that he might play Major League Baseball.After-all, Murray was drafted by the Oakland Athletics 9th-overall in the 2018 draft.His agent Scott Boras believes he will go that route, but with the deadline to declare for the 2019 NFL Draft quickly approaching, Murray declared, confirming his intent to play professional football.Kyler Murray has the potential to revolutionize the NFL.He is almost certainly going to be a top-10 pick, so if he’s Chris Grier’s guy, they may need to break into their future capital.Nonetheless, Kyler Murray is a stud and everything the Dolphins need to turnaround their struggling franchise.Here is a film breakdown of Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray.BIOHeight: 5’ 10Weight: 195-poundsHometown: Allen, TexasThrows: Right’40 time: 4.38Games watched:[ vs Texas, @ West Virginia, vs Texas, vs Alabama ]PROSKyler Murray is only 21-years old, but he plays the game like a seasoned-veteran.He has an NFL arm and possess the ability to throw a near perfect ball with the flick of the wrist.This is an NFL throw that Murray makes look effortlessly.3-step drop, scans the underneath route before throwing a dime over-top of the defense.This is one of the more impressive throws I saw on tape.Chris Collinsworth loves to say “RPO”, which stands for read Christian Wilkins Jersey Mens , pass, option.Here, Murray freezes the linebackers with the fake, looks to the left, before coming back to the receiver down the seam.The ball is placed perfectly on the outside shoulder, just in-between both defenders.Heck of a throw.Marquise “Hollywood” Brown is one of the nation’s top wide receivers, and will probably go in the first round of April’s draft.So it’s no wonder he roasted his man- the way NFL wide receivers roast Brent Grimes-and had two or three steps on the defender.With the flick of the wrist, Murray threw a strike which led to a touchdown.It wasn’t a perfect throw, but impressive nonetheless.Here’s another big play to “Hollywood” Brown.This time Murray throws a better ball that hits his receiver in stride.This is exactly why it’s hard not to get excited about his potential.He can do it all.And another one...West Virginia decides to bring the heat and Murray remains calm and delivers a beautiful raindrop.In this play, you see how dangerous a quarterback with Murray’s athleticism can be.First, the defense must account for the alleged hand-off.Second, they must account for the quarterback that runs extremely well, sprinting to the left.Once they begin to attack the line of scrimmage, Murray pulls back and lets the ball rip for a big gain.Murray moves around in the pocket fluidly and has a great sense of pressure.Here, you can see his accuracy as he puts the ball where only his wide receiver can get it.Hell of a one-handed catch, with an even better throw.$$$$$This is just incredible.Murray’s mechanics are a thing of beauty, and this is one of the better throws you will see when watching this year’s quarterback prospects. Perfectly thrown ball on the deep slant that results in a touchdown.Here, you see what Kyler Murray can do with his legs.CONSObviously, when discussing a 5’10 quarterback, you have to expect passes to be batted down at the line.In the four games I watched, this happened a lot less than you may have expected.Which tells me two things..A) Murray has a great understanding of how to manipulate passing lanes.B) His offensive line was as good as advertised (it was).C) He’s just that damn good.D) All of the aboveHere is one of the few batted balls I witnessed in my brief time.Like many quarterbacks, Murray does have a tendency to make mistakes by trying to do too much at times. In this play, Murray rolls to the left and forces a bad throw into double coverage.Worst of all, he had plenty of time to look elsewhere, throw the ball away, or even try to beat the defender to the outside with his legs.There’s a myth out there that Murray can’t take a hit.I do think in the NFL, it will be a legit concern.But great quarterbacks find a way to allude pressure and I think that’s what he will do.Nonetheless, here is NFL-sized hit that Murray survived.If you want to see more GIFS from my film breakdown Miami Dolphins Jersey 2019 , click here.CONCLUSIONKyler Murray is everything you want in an NFL quarterback, except for his size.In a perfect world, he would be two inches taller, but so what?The game of football continues to evolve and duel-threat quarterbacks are slowly becoming the future.Murray is the ultimate duel-threat quarterback and can do elite things with his arm, in addition to his legs.Yes, he will need to bulk up a little, but if he’s available at 13, you run to the podium.It has been 36 years since the Dolphins drafted a quarterback that made a true difference on the field.His name was Dan Marino.Ironically enough, he’s been heavily involved in the search for Miami’s next quarterback.Certainly, the GOAT can see what a Kyler Murray couldnot only do for the offense, but the franchise in it’s entirety.Murray would sell tickets, in a year that many expect to be a rebuild. Most importantly, he brings a play-making ability that has been non-existent in Miami.He has the arm, he has the accuracy, he has the footwork, he has the intelligence, but most importantly, he has the heart.Murray hears the critics, and will be out to prove he is as good as advertised.He’s a pocket-sized Russell Wilson.Not only that, but if he changes his mind and chooses baseball, or ultimately sputters out due to the size limitations, the Dolphins would likely be inline for a high-draft pick in 2021, when the real “Belle of the Ball” declares.Kyler Murray can save the Miami Dolphins, and Chris Grier should do whatever it takes to get him to South Beach.#MurrayToMiami

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