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Tinnitus 911 point here if we keep look at this one this point is located as you can see there's a small depression if you can feel that in your ear and it comes up along right under this Ridge in this Ridge so if you can run your finger almost to the top of that small mountain there it's right before that if we can demonstrate on Nathan's ear you can see the depression in the ear right through here coming up almost to the top and we'll put the ear seed right in there these usually stay on for three to seven days you can shower with them go swimming do your daily activities and they will fall off when they're ready to fall off another good one an easy one to find for the calming not only this shun Minh good for calming but like I said it's good for pain it helps release natural endorphins in the body which are natural painkillers it's good for sleep and it's good for high blood pressure different things like that on the top we have our gin

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