have been arrested for murder in recen

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have been arrested for murder in recen

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GENEVA, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) -- The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Thursday warned in a new report that global wildlife could drop two-thirds by 2020 as a result of human activities.

The WWF's biennial flagship report, titled "Living Planet Report 2016", measured trends in 14,152 monitored populations of 3,706 vertebrate species.

According to the report, global populations of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles have already declined by 58 percent between 1970 and 2012. This places the world on a trajectory of a potential two-thirds decline within a span of the half-century ending in 2020.

"Wildlife is disappearing within our lifetimes at an unprecedented rate," said Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International.

The report identified top threats to species are directly linked to human activities, including habitat loss, degradation and overexploitation of wildlife.

For example, African elephants are severely threatened by overexploitation, habitat loss and fragmentation. New data shows that their numbers have fallen by around 111,000 since 2006, to a total of about 415,000 today.

"Biodiversity forms the foundation of healthy forests, rivers and oceans. Take away species, and these ecosystems will collapse along with the clean air, water, food and climate services that they provide us,"said Lambertini.

By providing an overview of the state of the natural world, human impacts and potential solutions, it aims to support governments, communities, businesses and organizations to make informed decisions on using and protecting the planet's resources.

Lambertini noted "We have the tools to fix this problem and we need to start using them now if we are serious about preserving a living planet for our own survival and prosperity." Enditem

CAPE TOWN, Dec. 30 (Xinhua) -- South Africans must move forward the economic transformation as a major task in 2017, President Jacob Zuma said in his New Year message on Friday.

"We need to change the commanding heights of the economy, and increase the participation of black people as owners and managers," Zuma said.

Progress made on the achievement of this goal will greatly enhance the national reconciliation programme, the president noted.

Business, government and society must work together on this national imperative, he said.

Economic transformation and nation building are key in 2017, he added.

Zuma also stressed the need to make meaningful progress on the land reform and restitution programme in 2017, in line with the Constitution.

Nation building and promoting social cohesion will need to elevate in 2017, said Zuma.

One of the key tasks in this regard should be a heightened fight against racism, according to Zuma.

"All institutions and businesses must promote inclusion and non-racialism. Nobody must be excluded on the basis of colour or race, through subtle and unconstitutional means," Zuma said.

"We are one people. Regardless of the challenges we face, we must continue to work together, to build the South Africa of our dreams," he stressed.

Jobs remain high on the list of priorities of South Africans, Zuma said.

"In this regard, we must continue to promote unity in action to reignite economic growth," the president said.

The collaboration between business, labour and government to support the economy, which is one of the key achievements of the year 2016, must continue in the New Year, he said.

The year of 2016 saw further progress in extending services to South Africans, including housing, water, electricity, accessible education, health care, roads, transport, social grants and in fighting hunger through public employment schemes and other programs, according to Zuma.

He said the country moved a step further this year in fighting poverty, inequality and unemployment, as South Africans continued working hard together, to reverse the legacy of apartheid colonialism.

The year 2017 must be a decisive one for the country as South Africans take the reconstruction and development programme forward, Zuma said. Enditem

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