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Abstract Artwork Online,Orange,Sky Blue,,Red,Yellow.etc

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The group For Freedom recently announced that it is launching what it calls the 50 states initiative, the largest public art project in American history, according to the Artforum.
The project will invite including Tania,Canvas Art Painting granite (Tania Bruguera), Sam Durant (Sam Durant), astor Gates (Theaster Gates), Marilyn Ming (Marilyn Minter) and kelly mei county, (Carrie Mae Weems), 175 artists, such as billboards with political slogan of their own design will be placed America states, the early stage of the project is expected to spend $1.5 million,
It comes ahead of the midterm elections,Contemporary Art which take place in both houses of congress in the second year of a President's four-year term.
The 50 states initiative will install in the United States in September of billboards, its content is involved in politics, but not to participate in the campaign of politicians, but by the artists to cooperate to choose express content.
For example, the billboard content designed by the artist Trevor Paglen will focus on issues such as Internet security and privacy and the ethics of data collection.
Another artist, Zoe Buckman, will focus on women and encourage more women to participate in politics to achieve social progress and change.
In addition to setting the billboards, art exhibitions and dominated by the artist's town hall meeting will also be synchronized, aimed at by creative collaboration with art to encourage more people to participate in political activities across the United States (compared with the other western democracies,Minimalist Canvas Art the proportion of American citizens to participate in political activities have been low).
"Our goal is not to support a party or to advance a party's agenda, but to make all americans welcome in the civil dialogue."
The group said in its statement.

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