Canvas Artwork For Living Room

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Canvas Artwork For Living Room

Postby jineshpatel672 » Tue Jul 17, 2018 7:12 am

On June 10, it was the first weekend since the director of the Uffizi Gallery, Eike Schmidt, ended his visit to China.
On that same night,Canvas Art Painting after the venue close to the audience, he and several other colleagues came to petey palace (the Palazzo Pitti) of the main gallery, started to carry out a long-planned major reform: will be written by the Renaissance masters Raphael (Raphael) from 1504 to 1505 portrait of two important - the agno lockheed Martin Doni (Agnolo Doni) "and" Martha Lena, rosie (Maddalena Strozzi), transferred to the uffizi gallery size 41 of the exhibition hall.
In this now referred to as "Raphael and Michelangelo works exhibition hall" in the new space,Contemporary Art the two picture, Florence merchant agno lockheed Martin he and his wife Martha Lena, rosie doni portraits of the couple is placed in the Michelangelo painted (Michelangelo) "Holy Family" (the Holy Family).
"It's going to be very revolutionary because we put the two great works together and put them in the center of the exhibition hall to create a dialogue."
In an interview with art news/Chinese,Minimalist Canvas Art schmidt said.
In order to let the audience a chance to appreciate the doni couple double behind the portrait painting, schmidt and its curator team specially designed a vertical glass, let the audience can walking around painting appreciate them both the front and at the same time.
Two paintings on the back is a set of double paintings, ancient Greek mythology theme is after the great flood,Abstract Flower Art

build an ark escaped last survivors Deucalion (Deucalion) and his wife brigitte (Pyrrha).
Diptych this group is by Raphael studio one called "seru mido Master" (Master of Serumido) artists, expressed dony couple a happy marriage, fertility wishes.

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