Black And White Minimal Painting On Canvas

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Black And White Minimal Painting On Canvas

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Portuguese poet Fernando's Mr. O (Fernando Pessoa) of the verses in the early 1920 s, the mapping with the Portuguese empire big maritime era of nostalgic and sentimental, and lines in the Portuguese word "saudade" became the new exhibition "compass" fosun art center (saudade: Unmemorable Place in Time).
"Saudade", the charming Portuguese word that comes up so often and so hard to translate,Canvas Art Painting expresses a longing and regret for a moment that cannot be reached.
It can express for the loss of a beautiful moment of remembrance, can also be expressed in a upcoming meeting the desire, it can be sweet, can be sad, can be in the past, also can be in the future.
That is why curator Yuko Hasegawa chose saudade as the theme of the exhibition.
"' saudade 'cannot be translated accurately,Contemporary Art but it also means that no matter how you interpret it, it can be correct.
Ambiguity "saudade" conveys to the present with the past together,Minimalist Canvas Art on the one hand, you would miss not hit in the past, on the other hand, the development of modern society so fast, you don't remember what is ten years ago the world not only, also easy to forget what happened yesterday.
The future is also unpredictable.
So we live in an age of saudade, which is not only sentimental but also sweet, both desirable and desirable.
"She explained in an interview with art news/Chinese.
When she was invited by fosun to plan an exhibition of Chinese and Portuguese artists, Ms. Hasegawa came up with the word "saudade."
In the history of Chinese and Portuguese in preserved links: since the 16th century, China's export to Europe export porcelain from the Netherlands to Portugal, comes out with Arab foreign brick technology combined with blue and white ceramic tile product of Portugal after painting (azulejo),Abstract Flower Art

still in Lisbon and so on city streets;
And as the first global empire, from the 15th century, Portugal, ongoing sea exploration, and in 1557 began renting Macao, on this piece of China's territorial history and culture left an indelible imprint.

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