Goose down is known to be the best light, insulating material and is utterly breathable. This cannot be said for almo

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Goose down is known to be the best light, insulating material and is utterly breathable. This cannot be said for almo

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One of the most scenic options you have while in Hawaii is taking an aerial tour of Maui via a helicopter. As you are up in the helicopter , you will see views you could only imagine on the ground.

Many people only have the privilege of seeing Maui from the windows in an airplane. This view might seem spectacular, but it is a fairly quick event, and depending on the height of the plane, may not offer the true beauty of a flight closer to home.

Helicopter tours on Maui range in price from modest to expensive. However, if you have the means while you are on vacation, this type of tour is highly recommended. Depending on the tour you choose to take, you will see part or all of Maui or a collection of small islands and Maui, as well.

As you travel in the helicopter, you will see waterfalls as you fly above them. You will see the towering cliffs, mountains, streams, and the floor of the rainforest. Many tours will take you by the historic Iao Valley, where they will teach you about the culture and history of the area.

A tour guide will be onboard the flight to fill you in on all you see and the history and geography behind what you are viewing. In most cases, you will fly over the Haleakala Crater, Hana Town, the Hana Rainforest, and the Oheo Gulch. You may fly over Maui completely and see the rugged shorelines and the rocky cliffs on certain parts of the island.
Below is a list of the aerial tours of Maui via helicopter.

Island Tours
Complete Island of Maui Helicopter Tour
In this tour, you will see all of Maui from the air. You begin the tour at the heliport and will be guided by certified tour guides who know all there is to know about Maui. You will see Hana and the Rainforest, Oheo Gulch, the Northeast portion of Maui, Haleakala Crater, and much more. The price for this tour ranges from $279 - $309, though this depends on the particular aircraft being flown during the trip.

Blue Hawaiian Tours
Depending on the tour you take, you will spend 30 to 90 minutes viewing places like the West Maui Rainforest, the West Maui Mountains, Hana and Haleakala, the island of Molokai, or other islands or areas of Maui. You can even take a complete tour of the island if you want. You will see a variety of landscapes from volcanoes to hidden waterfalls. Prices for this tour range from the low $100s to just under $300.

Full Circle Island Deluxe
This helicopter tour will take you through Maui's Valley Isle. This tour lasts for an hour and gives you a chance to explore the Haleakala Crater from the air. You will reach as high as 10,023 feet. Additional travel spots include the Hana Rainforest, the northeastern coastline of Maui and the West Maui Mountains. This tour comes to $270.00.
These are just a few of the aerial helicopter tours on Maui. If you would like additional options, you can speak to your hotel clerk about scheduling something with one of the local companies.
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