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Many of the current big names in cooking and the food industry are coming out with their own lines of special Nike Air Max 2018 Ireland , personalized products – and with good reason too. There is huge demand for these products from a consumer base that is at times unwitting and at others downright mindless. People want utility in their lives, which means in other words they want happiness, and commercial products and goods have oftentimes come to be seen as a means to fulfill that need. We want the latest pots and pans because they are pretty, because our friend has them, because our favorite chef uses them or produces them Nike Air Max 90 Mens Ireland , and as the saying goes, “The grass is always greener on the other side.”

There are a number of problems with this picture, not the least of which is the fact that you’re assigning control of your happiness to an arbitrary set of the latest pots and pans, which could fall in or out of style as the drop of a hat. Besides that though, is that realistically pots and pans are not something that are going to fulfill you for the rest of your natural life. Once that particular desire has been met Nike Air Max 90 Mens , it’s on to the next want, the next thing, the next must-have product that will change your life or at the very least make it so much more worthwhile, so much better than what it currently is.

The fact of the matter is that there’s nothing special about any one set of pots and pans over another. Certainly some are better constructed, some are more attractive Nike Air Max 90 Womens Ireland , and some are both, and these are the things that one should truly be evaluating when shopping for such an implement. The consideration should be on the suitability of the object for the task it is intended to perform, because when you boil it down to the base elements then that’s the truth that remains: an object is only as good as the degree to which it performs well its intended function.

If you buy this latest set of cookware that has several flaws, or does or does not do something you don’t particularly like, then you have now compromised the efficacy of your cooking tasks by buying into what amounts to no more than a clever marketing ploy. Some manufacturers certainly do take these things into consideration – they want you to buy their products because they ARE the best at what they do Nike Air Max 90 Womens , and they DO offer the greatest value to you as an end consumer, and they DO believe you’ll be wildly satisfied with the quality of your purchase. The question is, are these the one’s you’re thinking about buying?

Wunna is a longtime provider of digital content and an accomplished columnist, and nowadays deals with themes to include best pots and pan and best nonstick cookwares.

In essence, sales copy seeks to sell Nike Air Max 90 Ireland , press release copy seeks to inform. Press releases are intended to provide news; if they sound like sales pitches, they are most likely to end up in the wastepaper basket (of its digital equivalent, the Recycle Bin).

When businesses issue press releases, however, they are typically motivated with marketing Nike Air Max 90 Cheap , rather than reporting, motivations. It then becomes a tightrope walk to write press releases that do not sound like sales copy.

The press release copywriter must find a “news angle” and focus on it. Like a news reporter, the writer must provide interesting information and must achieve the goal of creating a buying desire in an indirect manner.

Both sales copy and press release are created on the foundation of people’s desires. Instead of outright sales pitch, the press release might focus upon highlighting the positive things about a company that is launching a new service or product (which might be the “news”) and how the launch contributes to meeting, say a social need of the times.

Why go to all this trouble of presenting such “newsy” copy instead of a plain sales pitch?

The answer is that readers of sales copy know that it is a “biased” presentation Cheap Nike Air Vapormax , and tend to take the contents with a “pinch of salt.” Press releases, on the other hand are targeted at getting news editors publish the news in the press. Such news are considered “unbiased” by readers and thus carry far greater weight.

News editors want news stories for their publications; provide them such stories through your press releases and you will get publicity that is not only free but also much higher value that an advertisement in the same publication.

At SEO77, we help clients craft newsworthy press releases about their company for brand building purposes and about specific products to present them in a favorable light.


SEO77 is a leading UK based Digital Marketing Agency. We work for clients across all industry sectors providing digital media consultancy and implementation.

We’ve been developing and optimising websites for over ten years and between them our team has decades of experience working in new media. So we really know where the internet has come from and where it’s going.

We excel at SEO and pride ourselves on gaining top search engine positions for our clients. As well as delivering professional agency services, we train, consult and speak for a number of leading professional bodies and companies.

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